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Joining CRT

Maybe you like everything we do and what you’ve seen on this website and you want to join us.
Unlike a lot of other societies we do not select people based on in game skills or equipment, we are all here for fun.

We do have a set of minor rules which you will have to pass in order to be given a trial period in the society, if you pass all these rules and get in the trial period all the current members will “review” you to see if you fit in with the rest of us. Normally this goes quite ok but if you are someone that tries best to make other peoples EU lives miserable you won’t have a chance of staying.

3 Requirements for joining:
– We like all our members to be of age 16 and above, this is simply because we want mature members.
– You have to be self sustainable, we don’t accept anyone that tries to live off of other members.
– It’s best to have all Teleporters on both continents, since you need them all in order to promote.
As you can see there aren’t a lot of requirements, biggest part of the recruitment is based on the opinions of current members.

Promotions within the society when you are accepted as a member:
– You will be promoted to Private when you can kill an Atrox Young on your own and have all the Teleporters.
– You will be promoted to Sergeant when you have performed a successful solo rescue mission.

Further promotions will be decided upon by the Colonels and the General.