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History of CRT

Many societies on Planet Calypso come and go.  Some seem to vanish just as fast as they had been founded. Many Entropians probably even have a society biography, initially joining one or two societies before settling down in their home society. What remains among a number of inactive societies lying idle are those who justifiably claim to be “old” societies – either by age or because they have a history and prevailed the fast moving society life on Calypso. CRT is one of them. We are approaching our 5th anniversary this year and are looking back on 61+ of months of successful rescues, fun events and good laughs with a bunch of great guys. It’s amusing and touching looking at the present times and at how far we came when thinking about how it all began: Four guys roaming the planet, hunting along and picking up a stuck OJ to take him back to the nearest teleporter when sudden global sealed their fate – The Calypso Rescue Team was born!

This is a story from former General Nicholas Sweeper Ramstein.

First of all the founding of CRT was done by Jonboy, Hector, Lobo and me, we are the founding 4’s.
I first met jonboy as a totally noob with 1/3 armor and no clothes,(hmm and when I think about it he never had any clothes later on either) he was lost at a outpost west of billy’s, I rescued him, and helped him buy his first armor. Later on we meet Hector and Lobo, we started to hang out together almost every evening, hunting and having fun, I was a member of Danish mercenary’s at the time, but jonboy kept going on about making a society of our own.. he even had a name for it…”the Goonies”. I tell u I refused, but ended up telling him that if we could find a decent name for it I would join in.
One night the four of us hunted south of Zychion, we met a guy who couldn’t get out of the outpost there, the area was totally over spawned, but we managed to get him out, and there we got the idea, a soc helping others out of bad outposts.. the name we came up with, was as you all know Calypso Rescue Team.. we founded the soc in Fort Fury, that’s why Fury has been our home base ever since, we were four guys there and the reason it was me founding it was basically, I was the only one with a decent armor, and jonboy was still a goonie general.
A few days later Lobo came dragging, with in our eyes, quite a marksman, john slinger Dearborn, I tell u he could hit with a marber like no one of the rest of us couldn’t do.. he was accepted fast into our little family.
Later on Viking and his brother Berserk came along and so did players like Rellik (witch as far as I know are the most banned person on EF, in one day Very Happy but that’s another story) Andi, and players like our Portuguese friends, and many others who I unfortunately can’t remember the name of anymore.

There is one person who came later on, but somehow, she has always been there from the start, she was hectors friend and often on visit when he played, I think a year went by before we met Nevasca in game and after a short phase of some Greenpeace involvement she got to her senses and came home to CRT, I don’t think none will disagree with me when I point out the great work she has done, often together with Jon, for CRT.

In my time I have seen maybe 60 people join and quit the society, everyone comes with their own idea’s and visions of what would make a good society and the challenge is to make everyone heard and feel they contribute. Some stayed, some quit.

One of the things which has been a cornerstone in the CRT history is all our projects, and believe me there have been many.
We started out with a idea of a soc trading idea were we always used equal hunt rules and split all equal between the hunting party, what we had which couldn’t be divided we collected with Stella and sold it from there and split it between all in CRT. Later on we developed this idea to bigger goals like land and tried to make all society members trade with her.
This didn’t work properly because not everyone wanted to be a part of it.
In the meantime we started to develop a site called PEforces.com. In the start Lobo was the primary administrator and developer of this site. Unfortunately he took a very long break and finally quit EU, which left us out in the open with no way to moderate the site.

But back in those days we had this great idea, we thought.. a secret brotherhood – an alliance between societies. Our idea was mainly, if you could gather enough people in game you could create a counterpart which MA had to listen to and take under consideration in how they would develop the game. It was supposed to be an organization between equals…. Damn how we crashed and burned… hehe… it turned out we had collected maybe some of the most individual of all individuals in entropia and the result was total mayhem, without any possibility of controlling the dynamics of the process… why because everyone involved wanted to lead, and be in charge of it… I tell you all… we bailed out as fast as we could…….

After this we realized we needed a new website, because Lobo was gone, and we were left without any way of access to the old site and forum, it was me and jonboy that basically used the summer of 2006 building EUforces.com and as most of you later know Neva’s tremendous effort and contribution to the site with content and all.

After this we founded CRT Academy the intention was to give new players a solid base to start playing EU.It was hector who founded it, and it was ran by Andi. For a long time it worked good, but there were always the problems of not giving the players in CRTA enough attention. We tried many different models, and to be honest, Andi was great creating events, learning other players the game. He was maybe the best you could get for a job like this. Unfortunately he, as many others had problem with getting enough in game time to meet all the demands, and in the end we got ourselves out in a really bad situation witch resulting in the disbanding of the society.

There have also been many spin off projects, like the shop list, the scammers blog and of course TCP, not directly related to CRT, but, if I may say so run by CRT members and in the spirit of CRT.

In the start we didn’t have any specific rules, of course there were those obvious rules, like no scamming, begging and to be polite towards others, but besides these it was quite free. The problem with rules is if you want them you also have to make consequences when people break them, and this contradict in a game which is people’s free time, and entertainment activity, I mean who wants that, when all you want is to be entertained.