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Welcome to the Services page.

We on EUForces.com have several free services available to the public, all ran by volunteers. You can make a selection below by pressing one of the buttons or you can select a sub-page from the top menu.

Rescue Service
The Calypso rescue Team society has been offering this service since late 2005, a full society of people standing by to team up and rescue people from any place on the planet Calypso. Whether you are stuck at an outpost, can’t get out of a Land Area, or simply would like to get to a teleporter but you can’t on your own, don’t hesitate to submit a rescue call by filling the form on the Rescue Service page. If you have us on your friends list feel free to send us a Private Message in-game.

Survival Maps
The survival maps were made to chart the lands of Calypso. Including all the teleporters and outposts, even the revival borders which determine where you will be revived when you die or hit “T” and the most efficient routes to walk when collecting teleporters or getting to a certain place! You can view the survival maps of the continents Eudoria and Amethera on the Survival Maps page.
These maps have been made by Viking from the Calypso Rescue Team and the help of a lot more people charting all the revival borders.

The Calypso Post
The Calypso Post is a magazine about the Entropia Universe, ran by a group of enthusiast writers, editors and interviewers they provide all the important news and more that you need to know about Entropia.
The Calypso Post Magazine has her own part on this website where you can view and download all the released editions so far, see the team members and keep track of what is currently going on in the editorials office!

Member Gallery
The Member Gallery contains all the pictures made and uploaded by our members, the gallery is only available to members of this website. Viewing images is possible by anyone, if you want to take a look look at the Member Gallery page.