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Rescue Service

If you want us to come rescue you we need some information!

When requesting a rescue, please copy and paste the following information into the chat box and replace the xxxxx’s with the relevant information. An example of what type of information to replace the xxxxx’s with can be found at the bottom of the page.

Avatar Name: xxxxx
Planet: xxxxx
Online time: xxxx
Coordinates (X,Y): xxxxx, xxxxx

You can either send the request here, or via our new ingame rescue channel (type /join #crt in the Entropia Universe client to join).

Remember that we rescuers are regular players just like you, and can not always be online…

Rescue service is free of charge


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Avatar Name: John Smith
Planet: Calypso
Online time: 14:00 PM until 15:00 PM UTC
Coordinates (X,Y): 61385, 75111