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Lars is compiling an all time high HOF list for CRT members.
It can be seen at http://v2.euforces.com/?page_id=91&wpforumaction=viewtopic&t=24.0

Only available for CRT members


3 Responses to “CRT HOF List”

  1. avatar BEER says:

    Hey guys, i cant check it, it sez “Sorry, but you don’t have access to this forum” ://

  2. avatar Coachman says:

    Indeed BEER.

    I must be notified what user name you have selected in forum. In your case its obvious who you are.

    But still. Every new user must tell me or Dante their username here. We have over 500 registred in total so it aint to easy to see whats new or not.


  3. avatar BEER says:

    Ahh kk, I am sorry for that.
    It works now and I thank You very much :)

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