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Welcome to EU Forces

EUForces.com was designed to bring the community closer together.

We believe that by sharing knowledge and uniting we can all make a difference to what happens in EU.

Open to the public and free of charge EU Forces was created as an infotainment pool for all interested Entropians as well as for all those who want to share their EU experience. The more of us that get together the better our community will become!

Community, Guides and the Rescue Channel are the cornerstones of the EU Forces concept.

EUForces.com is the home of a society called “Calypso Rescue Team”. Founded in December 2005 they have rescued newcomers from distant and hard to get out of outposts on the rich lands of Planet Calypso. You can find all information on the About pages.

On the right you will find a few quick links to the most important parts of this website, if you don’t find what you’re looking for try the menu above or the search function.

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